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Lession from Ranju: Balen or KeSu for Kathmandu?

-Pradeep Pariyar Thapa

Voters of Kathmandu know better-they’re not just lame duck of whom to choose their next Mayor or Deputy Mayor. Kathmandu always has been victorious after every convulsion and, actually, learnt to thrive in chaos. Kathmandu is melting pot of Nepalis coming from every corner of the country. While every ruler of Nepal dreamt of transforming Kathmandu into a beacon of success but Kathmandu remains underdog capital city among world’s best and emerging metropolitan cities in terms of infrastructure, public access, educational prowess and, and clean air.

Kathmandu is undoubtedly ancient Kantipuri Nagari at its core but, in reality, it’s in the verge of mismanaged modernism. Reviving old glory is not easy task while providing basic amenities to floating population that is more than its own local residents. Kathmandu needs a leader who can understand its problems but who appreciates its melting pot, capital city status. The Nepal’s Central Government is duly responsible for funding that can transform Kathmandu into a modern and cultural city at the same time. And, this great city’s dwellers have responsibility to choose a visionary leader.



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