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SACO 11th Annual Interfaith Gala Dinner and Holiday Celebration

Edison, NJ: South Asian Community Outreach (SACO) hosted its 11th Annual Interfaith Gala Dinner and Holiday Celebration in Edison, N.J. The celebration was attended by local government officials, faith-based and community organizations. SACO is a New Jersey based non-profit, non-religious and bipartisan organization. The mission of SACO is to promote South Asian Americans in mainstream public affairs, civic discourse, community outreach and party politics in the US.

SACO builds partnerships to address social injustices and build alliances between South Asians and other communities who struggle for long-term social change.

SACO seeks to empower South Asian Americans in American politics. SACO is dedicated to advancing the health, empowerment and solidarity of persons of South Asian origin in the US. SACO believes in self-sustaining communities who actively raise their voices, take leadership and challenge social injustices, both within and beyond the South Asian community.



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