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A Mother’s Failed Escape. Putin’s Crime Against Humanity

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

-Pradeep Pariyar Thapa

Tribute! This is a heartbreaking story of Ukrainian mother of two beautiful children who could never see another blissful day- this year’s International Women’s Day- Tatiana Perebeinis,43, her two children; son Nikita, 18, daughter Alise, 9, and two dogs were heading to reunite with Sergii Perebeinis, Tatiana’s husband and doting father but their precious lives cut short by Russia’s merciless dictator Putin’s army missile attack on last Sunday (March 5th) in Irpin, Ukraine. Putin’s crime against humanity is unforgiving and he must be punished for his heinous crime for thousands of innocent lives lost and illegitimate invasion of the free nation.

Tatiana was taking care of her ailing mother and left Irpin too late and on the way out of the city, she was brutally killed along with her children and one dog.

Irpin is a small city- 15 miles away from the capital city Kyiv of Ukraine where Tatiana worked in IT company and lived with her husband, their 2 children and 2 dogs.

As devastating as one could imagine, their lifeless bodies, a silver color luggage, a blue roller suitcase and a dog cage can be seen scattered around. Ukrainian Army personnels found screaming one dog in that cage which was carried away by a journalist to the veterinarian, amputated his back leg and survived according to media reports.

Lone survivor of their family, Sergeii, Tatiana’s husband paid tribute to his family on Facebook, said: "Tania couldn't make it. What is this all for? What's next? …I'm on my way, I must see you one last time. Forgive me, I didn't cover you."

Russian Army started Ukraine invasion on February 24, 2022. Russian President Vladimir Putin is determined to invade and annex many parts of Ukraine by force blatantly ignoring opposition of rest of the world.

United States, European countries have sanctioned Russia in many fronts and Ukrainians are fighting against the Russian attacks. Ukraine and Ukrainians deserve peace and freedom. The leaders of free-world need to stand behind Ukraine and Ukrainian people.



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