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American NRNs shine at ICC Executive Committee

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

एनआरएनए आईसिसीमा अमेरिकी नेपालीहरूको शानदार प्रतिनिधित्व

Exclusive: World’s largest NRNs have got its fair share of Non-Resident Nepali Associaiton (NRNA) International Coordination Council (ICC) representation in its 16-year-history of NRNA ICC with 12 elected and 6 nominated executive office bearers from USA. The current roster of ICC executive members stands at 137 (116 elected + 21 nominated) members.

Moreover, there are Task Force Committees, Patrons, Advisors and 51 Honorary Council Members being nominated since 2017.

NRNA was stablished in 2003 with the main aims to unite global Nepali diaspora and giving back to motherland. NRNA has grown to 81-country members umbrella organization with more than 50,000 paid-general members. Nepali diaspora population is estimated to be more than 4 millions.



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