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Best of 2019 from Nepali music industry honored in Kathmandu

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Nepal’s contemporary finest folk singers Sunita Dulal, Kulendea Bishwakarma and Prakash Saput have been awarded with National Music Award 2019 by Radio Kantipur. Under Folk song category, Ms. Dulal was honored for her ‘Mukhaima Chini’ folk Dohori song while Mr. Bishwakarma was awarded for ‘Salko pata tapari hune’ song. People’s Choice Award went to Mr. Saput and Shanti Shree Pariyar for their folk song ‘Galbandi’.

During the 21st Anniversary award ceremony, legendary singer and musician Premdhoj Pradhan, 81 (b. 1938), was honored with Lifetime Achievement Award. Singer Pradhan has sung and composed more than 700 songs during his 7 decades of music career.

Likewise, many contemporary singers were also awarded in various categories such as Modern song category: Suman Kumar Shrestha and Sangita Rana Pradhan, Playback singer category: Rupak Dotel and Prabisha Adhikari, and, Pop singer category: Pratap Das and Samriddhi Rai.



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