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ChangeMakers 2020 (USA): UNSUNG Heroes: We salute to them !

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

There are numerous unsung, unseen heroes in our Nepali American community that without their sacrifice, dedication, honesty, integrity and hard work we can't imagine a better, prosperous, harmonious American society.'s ChangeMakers is launched to recognize the trailblazers in our society.'s ChangeMakers (परिवर्तनका संवाहक) is an annual listing of individuals and organizations who have greatly contributed to the society, inspire others and shine. has released its first ever annual list of ChangeMakers 2020 (USA). We've witnessed Nepali American diaspora that has been rapidly growing and transforming into a reckoning identity in American mainstream society. The list reflects and represents of them and trailblazer true friends of Nepal and Nepalis. There are 16 distinguished American, 15 women, 38 Nepali American, 9 Nepal returnees, 14 Nepali citizens and 4 distinguished scholars, leaders who were chosen as Changemakers 2020 posthumously. Changemakers 2020 list also includes 12 social/community organizations and 5 Unsung Heroes categories.

Here are the list of those Unsung Heroes:

1. Unsung Heroes: Nepali American Community Organizations & Community Leaders

We’re recognizing numerous unseen and unsung Nepali American Community Organizations & Community Leaders as ChangeMakers 2020 for their roles during COVID-19 crisis. Without their steadfast, selfless and fearless efforts and dedications our community would be left behind without assistance and greatly impacted.

2. Unsung Heroes: Nepali American Everest Summiteers

We’re recognizing numerous Nepali American Everest Summiteers who have conquered world’s tallest Mt. Everest, helped scaled others and set the world record. They are now Nepal Himalayas true goodwill ambassadors in the United States and so are our ChangeMakers 2020.