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Nepali Chef’s trailblazing journey from Dubai to NYC

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Updated: Exclusive: There may be very few star Nepali chefs whose trailblazing journey set the fine example of how a naïve remote village young man from Nepal could earn accolade in world’s high-end culinary business and hospitality sector. Meet our star Nepali Chef, Narayan Pariyar, 36, whose inspiring culinary journey from Nepal to Dubai to New York City is that example- there’s nothing impossible to excel and achieve if one puts his/her sincere effort and hard work.

Chef Narayan Pariyar works at NYC’s internationally renowned, high-end Japanese restaurant, Zuma as Sous Chef (Managerial Chef) since 2018. In his capacity as Sous Chef, he manages the kitchen with over 22 line cooks, 8 chef de parties and 14 stewards while maintaining food quality and presentation. He uses modern technology to build the aroma of the food and creates the new dish for upcoming seasons. He also handles ordering, process invoice, kitchen stock close, adjust the menu,  price and all related job, hygiene and safety controls. Chef Pariyar is also responsible for scheduling staff according business and labor cost, ensure all employees are on time for their shift and to rectify and manage staff shortages and ensure staff levels are correct for every shift by planning effective rostering while ensuring the housekeeping and general appearance of the kitchen is to the correct standard at all times.

Prior to New York City’s Zuma, Chef Pariyar had worked at three 5 star restaurants in Dubai. He started at as back up the house crew for Dubai’s Jawad Business Group’s ZenExpress Japanese Restaurant in 2010 but he swiftly gained skills and moved to 5-star Hotel Kempenksi as Commies II Chef for Italian kitchen in 2012. In 2013, he joined famed Jumeirah Group as Commies I at 5-star Hotel Jumeirah Emirates Tower, ET Sushi. Chef Pariyar then joined as Demi Chef (Juinior Supervisor Chef) at another 5-star Zuma, Japanese Restaurant by Azumi Group in 2014. At Zuma, he was gradually promoted as Chef D Party, Senior Chef D Party, Junior Sous Chef in Dubai branch and was promoted as Sous Chef (Managerial Chef) and then he was transferred to Zuma New York. Zuma has 20 branches worldwide including 4 in the United States- NYC; Miami, Florida; Vegas, and Boston. Chef Pariyar frequently manages NYC, Miami and Boston Zuma.

Note on Chef levels: Commies (Line Cook) III, II, I, Demi Chef (Juinior Supervisor), Chef de Party, Senior Chef de Party, Junior Sous Chef, Sous Chef, Executive Sous Chef, Head Chef and Executive Chef)

Chef Pariyar’s talent has been applauded by Dubai business houses and City of Jersey City for his excellent culinary service.

Who’s Chef Pariyar?

Chef Narayan Pariyar hails from Dhading, Nepal. His culinary journey is rather extraordinary considering he left Nepal with just a diploma in culinary but ended up serving many 5-star restaurants to world’s foodies and riches with his unique skills, managerial talent and humble nature. He embodies the spirit of today’s Nepali youths who are excelling in every sector world over. He lives in New York with his wife and two daughters.



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