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Nepali Global Chef Binod Baral’s Culinarily Journey

Updated: Apr 1

-Pradeep Pariyar Thapa

Updated: Special: UK-based trailblazing Nepali Chef and food researcher Binod Baral, 43, is one of the elite Nepali chefs abroad. He hails from Pokhara, Nepal but outshines the world over with his signature Asian dishes. Currently, Chef Baral serves as Head of the Asian R&D and Innovation Kitchen at one of the world’s best gourmet companies, DO & CO ‘The Gourmet Entertainment Group’. From world’s 76 airlines to FIFA World Cup 2022 where he led 1100 staffs to serve 4,000 to 6,000 VVIPs and VIPs. His Asian delicacies are staple gourmet to many international events. But, he is more than that-what’s next for his food diplomacy?

His Signature Asian Foods Shine

He frequently travels worldwide to make sure his Asian signature foods are in optimum quality as Do & Co  also runs 32 high-end restaurants, hotels and airport lounges that are based in New York, Chicago, L.A., Boston, Detroit, London, Milan, Vienna, Doha, Kiev, Warsaw, Istanbul, Frankfurt and Munich with the dedicated team of more than 34,000 employees in 29 countries covering 3 continents. No surprise, when Nepalism met Chef Baral, this was his 54th visit to the United States since 2010.

Chef Binod Baral (center) with Pradeep Pariyar Thapa, Editor, Nepalism and Narayan Pariyar, chef of famed New York's restaurant Zuma.

Serving Dignitaries-President to celebrities!

Do & Co serves exclusive private events, large international sport spectacles and catering on board of several dozens partner airlines. For your delight, you might have already tasted his signature Asian delicacies as Do & Co has been gourmet supplier to 76 airlines including British Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad and Cathey Pacific to name a few of world’s best airlines. He had also led culinary team from Do & Co to serve dignitaries and players at FIFA World Cup 2022, Formula 1 Grand Prix, The UEFA Champions League Final, Euro Cup, The ATP Tour, The USA Masters and UK’s famed Chelsea Flower Show where King Charles, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to American actor Morgan Freeman and British football legend David Beckham savored his Asian delicacies.

Chef Baral’s Humble beginning