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Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Exclusive:, new-age digital media platform has been launched from New York City on December 7, 2019. is a new-age, data-driven emerging digital media platform for Nepalis from around the world has been launched in New York City. Permanent Representative of Nepal Mission to United Nations, His Excellency Hon'le Ambassador Amrit B. Rai and Nepali community leaders from New York City unveiled the during 12th & last Anniversary of which is merging with It strives to bring in-depth news reporting that matters to its readers and aim to become online marketplace leader with innovative offerings to our digital-age, tech-savvy consumers.

Our in-depth, live news section is powered & edited by the experienced editors of USNepalOnline, New York/New Jersey-based award-winning popular news portal that has been pioneering its community reporting since 2007. As we merge with USNepalOnline, we are migrating diligently metadata of USNepalOnline's news archives of last 12 years into Nepalism's digital platform so that you will be rest assured and never have to miss to find our over a decade-long massive community reporting that had led and shaped how community journalism is reported and be thrived.

We are also creating review, rating-based one-stop online marketplace for all kind of Nepali products. To provide this service, we are partnering with Nepali critics, Nepali online shopping portals and community-based co-operative members for their unique Nepali products. However, this mission won't be achieved without our readers and smart shoppers and their honest ratings and comments. Therefore, we humbly request our trend-setter visitors / readers for your active participation in our online conversation.

नेपालीजम ( डट कम, नौलो प्रबिधीको प्रयोग गर्दै नेपालीत्व र नेपालीपनको पहिचान र प्रवर्धनमा समर्पित प्रतिवद्ध नेपाली मिडिया हो । नेपालीजमलाई पाठकहरुले माया गर्नु हुनेछ भन्ने पूर्ण विश्वास लिएकाछौं ।

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