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New York’s Got Its Best Nepali-American Leader in Sarahana Shrestha!

by Pradeep Pariyar Thapa, Editor, Nepalism

नेपाली छोरीको अमेरिकी राजनीतिक यात्रा

Exclusive: First, Nepalism .com has endorsed this amazing, emerging grassroot leader, a first-generation Nepali-American climate activist who was born and raised in Kathmandu but settled down for good in New York, Sarahana Shrestha who is running for New York State Assembly District 103 to change the course of the future of Hudson Valley deserves. Sarahana is a true gem of our Nepali-American community. Helping her win this election is not only creating history but creating our pathway to America’s mainstream politics that can have power to decide the fate of the country and American people we most care about. Nepalism is proud of endorsing her political journey in the United States. Congratulations Sarahana!

Leadership has no limit

With total population of 131K in her district which includes 52 percent women, 78 percent white, 5 percent black and less than 3 percent Asian population, Sarahana’s rise as leading Democratic Party’s contender of upcoming November 8th’s general Assembly election is historic and milestone in making itself. Her grassroot mobilization is epitomized by her true grassroot leadership, commitment of no corporate funding but that positively inspired to garnering huge support from grassroot itself.

Sarahana Shrestha’s received endorsements from stakeholders such as Citizen Action of New York, New American Leaders Action Fund, Planned Parenthood and many local and state level organizations.

Grassroot leader

She is the Ulster County co-chair for the Mid-Hudson Valley chapter of Democratic Socialists of America, which has been helping to organize efforts for healthcare, housing, and the environment. She is also a lead campaigner with the statewide Public Power NY coalition, where she organizes to ensure that the inevitable green transition must be the kind that strengthens democracy and empowers communities instead of enriching private developers. She has spoken out against the Hudson Champlain Power Express electric transmission line that would import hydropower from Canada—not only because this project is inadequate to help New Yorkers fight the climate crisis, but it also threatens to contaminate local drinking water for much of the Hudson Valley, and violates indigenous land rights in Canada. Sarahana wants communities, not private developers, to have the more powerful say and directly benefit from public investments that we make.

“I believe that everyday, working people deserve more than to just survive—we deserve to flourish.”, she said, “We must build a future we’d be proud to watch the next generation grow up in. It’s time to unleash a new era of green union jobs building 100% renewable energy, ending environmental injustice, empowering communities, and repairing our climate: a Green New Deal for New York.”

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