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Rupa’s Humanity: Race Against Dignity & Justice

-Pradeep Pariyar Thapa

Exclusive: Today is Rupa’s birthday. Let’s wish her best birthday ever by promising the end of caste-based racial discrimination in our lifetime and giving her the dignity she deserves as a human being. Rupa Sunar is our society’s best and brightest hope for new Nepal not a thorn or uncountable who can’t get a room due to her last name. This incident is a representative, symbolic and humanity’s worst case scenario- you’re alive but dead in middle of mega city where you’re treated like trash and discarded.

Once again, humanity fails, our modern society fails, hence, we all fail as human being. Shame on us. But, still, we have time to do the right thing and if we do the right thing, Rupa and uncounted lives of other Rupas’ wounds will heal. Let’s save humanity’s irrepressible damage.



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