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Saral Nepali Language and Culture Center, New York- Nepalism ChangeMaker 2023

ChangeMaker 2023: Saral Nepali Language and Culture Center, based in New York City, began with a humble vision to educate children from the Nepali diaspora and individuals interested in learning the Nepali language and culture. Unofficially initiated in a Karate Studio in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York on September 17, 2016, with just nine students, the center officially registered in 2018. Currently, it conducts ten classes with around 300 students virtually, facilitated by dedicated volunteer teachers and board members.

From its modest beginning, the center has made remarkable progress, growing from nine students to a thriving virtual community of 300 attendees. The students are not only from various parts of the USA, including New York, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, California, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Texas but also from France and the UK.

Founded in 2016 by Ms. Saraswati Rai and Ms. Padma Linkha Magar, Saral Nepali Language and Culture Center is steered by a committed board for the years 2022-2024. The leadership includes Chairperson Padma Linkha Magar, Vice-Chairperson Yashoda Rai, Secretary Rina Rai, Joint Secretary Purnima M Lama, Treasurer Samu Rai, Joint Treasurer Gagan Raj Rai, and Members Januka Osti, Hajuri Kandel, and Rakesh Pradhan.

The center stands out in its mission, teaching the next generation of Nepali diaspora children their language and culture through educational programs and various engaging activities. These include cultural programs, Chatpate Mela, annual functions, Deusi-Bhailo, Momo Crawl, celebrating Nepali festivals, and an annual picnic, contributing significantly to the community's cultural enrichment and education.



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