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Shreeya Tuladhar, Youth Leader- Nepalism ChangeMaker 2023

ChangeMaker 2023: Ms. Shreeya Tuladhar is the dynamic Executive Director of the New York City-based prominent Nepali non-profit organization, Minority Empowerment Network. As the founder and youth leader of 'Newah Youth,' a dedicated indigenous Nepali community organization, she has been a driving force in fostering community engagement.

Ms. Tuladhar's impactful contributions reached new heights when she played a central role in orchestrating the first-ever Nepali-American flag raising ceremony in New York City on Nepali Constitution Day, September 20, 2023. Coordinating with the NYC Mayor’s Office, The Bowling Green Association, and over 50 Nepali organizations, she ensured a seamless collaboration for this historic event.

A 1.5 generation trilingual Nepali-American who relocated to NYC at the age of 10, Ms. Tuladhar is deeply committed to bridging the cultural divide between her heritage and her adopted home.

Ms. Tuladhar’s diverse efforts include organizing mental health, underage gambling prevention, and ESL capacity building workshops. She also advocates for local Nepali artists, amplifies the concerns of small businesses, and champions the voices of Nepali immigrants through meetings with city and state officials.

Ms. Tuladhar's dedication extends to volunteer work, where she consistently provides support to people experiencing homelessness in Manhattan every Wednesday evening. Currently, spearheading various community projects for 2024, she stands as a steadfast advocate for the Nepali community in NYC, embodying a spirit of service and cultural unity.



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