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‘The Leader’, CNN Heroes, TED Talk or Satyamev Jayate: Media impacts on Positive Change

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Launching of new Nepali reality tv show ‘The Leader’ could make a positive impact

by Pradeep Pariyar Thapa

Exclusive: The new Nepali reality tv show ‘The Leader’ by Nepal’s most popular broadcast journalist Rabi Lamichhane has been launched with fanfares aiming to impact on finding good leaders that can take country forward.

Let’s hope for a positive impact as it says the show “will not only unite Nepalese all over the world but will also give them the leaders that can drive them forward. “ It further states that “The best part about this show is that as an individual you will realize that it is possible to change your country. What more, you can be a leader; choose a leader and be part of this beautiful journey that perhaps will shape our nation.”

Looking at the past media initiatives have seen good impacts and popularity but with limitations proving that real change should happen from grassroots not from media platforms. Pursuit of a visionary leader or change maker is everyone’s desire.

Media in the past has been into that journey. For example: world famous TED Talk Conference, CNN Heroes, Star India’s Satyamev Jayate and India Today magazine’s ‘India Today Conclave’ are most notable events or tv shows that are hugely popular ever since their inceptions some dated back in 1980s. Ever expanding its popularity, TED Talk conference started in 1984 while ‘India Today Conclave’ saw its first conference in 2002. Influential ‘CNN Heroes’ by famous tv anchor, journalist Anderson Cooper first aired in 2007 and Satyamev Jayate by prominent Indian actor Aamir Khan started its first season in 2012.

The media has huge impacts on people’s lives. Without a media we can’t imagine a well-informed society. As media is a watch dog and it’s a vital role to keep on eyes on government’s three executive branches- executive, legislative and judicial made it so-called fourth pillar of the democratic country. However, media has its limitations as mentioned above. But good thing is media has power to reach to the masses and good initiative like ‘The Leader’ reality tv show can have a positive impact.

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