Top New 100 Tourist Destinations in Nepal. When are you visiting?

-Pradeep Pariyar Thapa

Exclusive: Nepal government has chosen Top New 100 Tourist Destinations in Nepal. It’s spending five hundred million rupees for these new 100 destinations to make Visit Nepal 2020 campaign successful while spending at least 4 million rupees in each destination. The Government is aiming to attract 2 million tourists in Nepal in 2020. Read the list in the news link bellow.

In 2018, the number of international tourists arrival in Nepal was record high of 1.7 million.

Nepal had allowed first foreign tourist Bill Tillman in 1949 by the Rana Regimo according to travel writer Mark Horel. By 1966, there were more than 6 thousands tourists arrived in Nepal.


Nepal’s Top 100 Tourist Destinations for VisitaNepal2020

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