All Against Trump: Who can beat him, Biden or Sanders?

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

-Pradeep Pariyar Thapa

Exclusive: After Super Tuesday’s Democratic Party’s Primary election, Democratic presidential candidate and former U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden became a clear front runner but Senator Bernie Sanders’ chances of winning the Party’s nomination is far from over as there are still 33 States including District of Columbia to be voted between March 10-June 2. Until now, 1,215 delegates are declared, where as, total of 1,991 delegates are required to be the nominee. So far, Vice President Biden has bagged 566 delegates and Senator Sanders is fast catching up with 501 delegates. So, what’s the fuss about whom to support now? Let the democratic process play its due course.

While many left-leaning American political pundits are arguing that Vice-President Joe Biden is best suited to defeat current Republican Party’s President Donald Trump in general election which is slated for later this year in November, 2020. But if Senator Bernie Sanders were able to garner enough delegates and be able to win nomination, he might be as strong opponent as Biden against Trump. So, what’s the fuss about whom to support now? Let the democratic process play its due course.

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