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America, Happy Thanksgiving! President-elect Joe Biden’s Message- ‘Forging the soul of a nation.’

Exclusive: U.S. President-elect Joe Biden’s message is humbling and gives us rays of hope that America can heal and succeed. ‘Because America is a nation not of adversaries, but of neighbors. Not of limitation, but of possibility. Not of dreams deferred, but of dreams realized. I’ve said it many times: This is a great country and we are a good people. This is the United States of America.’ Biden said in his powerful Thanksgiving message.

Read full text of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving message:

“Thanksgiving is a special time in America. A time to reflect on what the year has brought, and to think about what lies ahead.

The first national day of Thanksgiving, authorized by the Continental Congress, took place on December 18th, 1777. It was celebrated by General George Washington and his troops at Gulph Mills on the way to Valley Forge. It took place under harsh conditions and deprivations -- lacking food, clothing, shelter. They were preparing to ride out a long hard winter.

Today, you can find a plaque in Gulph Mills marking that moment.

It reads in part -- “This Thanksgiving in spite of the suffering-showed the reverence and character that was forging the soul of a nation.”

Forging the soul of a nation.

Faith, courage, sacrifice, service to country, service to each other, and gratitude even in the face of suffering, have long been part of what Thanksgiving means in America.

Looking back over our history you’ll see that it’s been in the most difficult of circumstances that the soul of our nation has been forged.

Now, we find ourselves again facing a long, hard winter.

We have fought a nearly year-long battle with a virus in this nation.

It’s brought us pain and loss and frustration, and it has cost so many lives.

260,000 Americans -- and counting.