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International Women’s Day observed with the theme ‘I am Generation Equality’, what can we do?

However, inequality still remains a major stumbling block, what can we do?

-Pradeep Pariyar Thapa

Exclusive: In just 10 years, UN Women which was formed in June, 2010, has already set the agenda straight- its uncompromising advocacy and policy on gender equality and empowerment for women of all walks of lives. However, inequality still remains a major stumbling block for holistic development of our society. Rightfully addressed this year’s theme for International Women’s Day (8 March), “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights” reflects the aspiration of millions of women who are fighting for their rights, dignity and equal pay.

Photos courtesy: Dr. Bishnu Maya Pariyar (NGO CSW NY/ADWAN)

But the bitter sweet fact is gender wage gap will take 40 years- or until 2059 -for women to finally reach pay parity with men where as women of color, the rate of change is even slower- Hispanic women will have to wait until 2224 and Black women will wait until 2130 for equal pay according to a report by Institute of Women’s Policy Research (IWPR). That’s alarming. So, what can we do ?

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