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Nepal’s innovators, scientists and engineers met with Officials of New York Chambers of Commerce

Exclusive: Three of the brightest minds of Nepal’s pioneering R&D organization, National Innovation Center (राष्ट्रिय आविष्कार केन्द्र), Ritesh Dev, Umesh Kirati and Mahip KC met with President & CEO of the Chamber, Mark Jaffe, Esq. and officials of Greater New York Chamber of Commerce in Manhattan, New York.

National Innovation Center which is led by prominent social entrepreneur and scientist Dr. Mahabir Pun who envisions that Nepal can be prosperous country once we have robust innovations and entrepreneurs. NIC’s innovators and scientists are working on more than 30 unique and promising innovation projects that will transform Nepal’s current bleak fate such as Medical Drone, Nyano Nani aka Baby Warmer and Incubator, AI driven innovations, Monkey Repellent System, Sel Roti making Machine, Sabji Kothi, Floor Cleaning Robot, Reverse Vending Machine, Black Soldier fly for alternative animal protein resources for poultry, Electrical Conversion, Ginger Drink, Electronic Billing System, Solar Water Heater, Prawn Farming, Tele-Medicine and Electronic Health Recording System, Thermal power, Plastic melting machine, Blind Spot Detection using AI, Incense Making Machine, Solid Organic Waste Managing System, Smart Cooking Stove, Evaporative Cooler, Bee Venom Collector, Agriculture equipments, Grass Cutter, Wine Making, Smart Water Tank, coffee and multi-propose roaster and Armed Robot which can be used in defense sector.

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