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Putin’s War Crime: Why Peace & Freedom are so costly?

by Pradeep Pariyar Thapa

Updated: Exclusive: Russian President Vladimir Putin is the most dangerous and cruel dictator our modern world ever has created. He has shown how low humanity can be in the name of protecting his country’s false interest while jeopardizing the liberty of a free country, Ukraine and killing of innocent hapless and helpless Ukrainians- children, mothers and grandparents. He is bombarding in hospitals, schools and civilian residential buildings. Shame on him for his utter cruelty. This is Putin’s not only an act of aggression but his barbaric crime against humanity. And, this is happening in front of the world’s mighty leaders of the United States. Why Peace & Freedom are so costly? Why we can’t stop this kind of war and end human suffering ? These are the questions I am asking myself while watching and reading Russian invasion in Ukraine which has been unfolding for last three weeks.

The world needs prosperity over poverty, peace over war, freedom over invasion. When world thrives with progress and harmony we the people can live with our innate and inalienable rights. But, unfortunately, every dictator from past to present, doesn’t care about innocent people and humanity as a whole. The big moronic ego of self superiority prevents these dictators to commit crimes against humanity without a second thought. Every time a dictator wants to show the world how powerful and capable he is of doing anything, we the people suffer. But, hey, there is something we can do together to stop this kind of barbaric acts. What’s that?

The United States and Europian countries are awoken from Putin’s aggression against Ukraine by swiftly showing united front and sanctioning in a way Russia can’t access the trade or economic lifeline from the outside world. This is one act that doesn’t shed a blood but halt Russia’s war-funding capabilities. But, this is not going to stop mighty junior Russia from destroying Ukraine. As Russia is an advanced nuclear nation with almost unmatched military capability, only the mightiest United States can outmatched it if needed. Therefore, knowing the limitation of impacts of economic sanctions, the United States and its European allies must act to protect the Ukrainian civilians by using militarily possible no-fly zone restriction and other means of retaliation support system. By saying this, I am not advocating full-fledge war against Russia. Make no mistake, war is not the only solution of peace and there are thousand reasons not to opt for war.

Let’s make it known with our clearest and sounding intention that Putin must stop killing innocent Ukrainian people in the name of his egoistic interest and start be-seizing free nation Ukraine, and, otherwise, he will face the consequences he has solely created. The mess he’s created, the war crime he’s committed, there is no excuse or forgiving of his crime against humanity.



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