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Padma Linkha Magar, Author, lyricist, social activist- Nepalism ChangeMaker 2023

Updated: Jan 15

ChangeMaker 2023: Ms. Padma Linkha Magar is a distinguished Nepali American lyricist, author, and social activist. As the Co-founder and current President of Saral Nepali Language and Culture Center in New York City, she passionately imparts Nepali language and culture to the younger generation. Additionally, Ms. Linkha Magar serves as the USA Coordinator for Jhumlawang Village Foundation and plays pivotal roles in various educational initiatives in Nepal.

Her musical prowess shines through the production of five albums, including notable works like NAZAR (2013); NAZAR-2 (2015); UJJYALOKO KHOJEE (A Collection of Gazals) 2015; INDRENI (2015), and NAZAR-3 (2023).

Ms. Linkha Magar has garnered acclaim with prestigious awards, such as the Best Female Lyricist of the Year 2014 by 5th Bindabasini Music Award; Best Album of the Year (NAZAR-2) 2016 by 7th Bindabasini Music Award; Best Lyricist (Gold Medal & Certificate) in Nationwide Open Modern Music Competition of Radio Nepal 2018; Best Female Lyricist of the Year 2018 by 9th Bindabasini Music Award and Best Female Lyricist of the Year 2019 by 10th Bindabasini Music Award, recognizing her outstanding contributions to the Nepali music scene.

Beyond her musical achievements, Ms. Linkha Magar's remarkable social contributions have been recognized with numerous awards and honors such as Award of Recognition by Nepali Women of New York/New Jersey 2018; Nepalese American Hero 2018 by United Sherpa Association USA; Honored as “Exemplary Teacher” by International Nepali Literary Society in 2023; Citation of Honor from Office of the District Attorney of Queens in 2023, and Citation of Honor from Office of the President of the Borough of Queens in 2023., highlighting her dedication to community service and education.



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