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Why Nepalism endorsed Dr. Harry Bhandari for U.S. Congress?

Exclusive: Nepalism endorsed Dr. Harry Bhandari because he represents our Nepali American community, promising to be our voice in Capitol Hill and securing our place in mainstream American politics. His win will open doors for future generations of Nepali American youths to seek political office, building our cultural identity and fostering an inclusive society through increased representation at the national level.

Our Community’s Voice

हाम्रो समुदायको आवाज

Dr. Bhandari represents our Nepali American community and our voice. If he wins, Dr. Harry Bhandari will not only become the first Nepali American U.S. Congressman but also secure our history in mainstream American politics. He has promised to be our anchor in Capitol Hill, raising our voices on important issues.

Open Door to Future Generations

भावी पुस्ताको लागि मार्ग प्रसस्त

Dr. Bhandari’s victory will open doors for Nepali American youths to seek political office. It paves the way for future leaders who can continue advocating for our community.

Building Our Identity

हाम्रो पहिचानको निर्माण

Dr. Bhandari’s win will boost our unique cultural identity within mainstream American society. Representation matters, and his presence will contribute to a more diverse and enriched political landscape.

Inclusive Society

समावेशी समाज

Political representation is crucial for an inclusive society. Dr. Bhandari’s win will usher in a new era of Nepali American community representation at the national level, creating a ripple effect in local and national political spheres.

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