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Nepal Flag flys high in New York City!

First-Ever Nepali-American Flag Raising Ceremony in New York City

Updated: Exclusive: September 20, 2023: The Nepali community of NYC created history as the 110th Mayor of NYC, Mr. Eric Adams, proudly hoisted the unique flag of Nepal for the first time in Bowling Green Park, Lower Manhattan, New York City. The event was a collaborative effort between NYC Mayor’s Office, Bowling Green Park Association, Minority Empowerment Network, Consulate General of Nepal, all NYC Nepali community organizations in NYC and beyond.

The event started with an opening speech by Shreeya Tuladhar, the executive director of Minority Empowerment Network. She thanked the esteemed elected officials, dedicated commissioners, mayoral team, and the bowling green association. She also thanked the press ,all the collaborating Nepali Community organizations and the audience for their overwhelming support . She said, “There is no other place that I would rather be, than right here, right now. We are Nepali, we are New Yorkers, and we are here to stay” as she shared her story about witnessing the growth of Nepali Community as a 1.5 generation Nepali American youth that grew up in NYC.

New York declared September 20th as Nepali Heritage and Constitution Day

NYC Mayor Eric Adam proclaimed September 20th as Nepali Heritage and Constitution Day through the City Proclamation and handed over the proclamation to the organizers.

In his speech, Mayor Adams praised Nepali community for its vibrancy and contribution, "You’re part of the fabric and foundation of the city.

Likewise, New York State Assemblywoman

Jannifer Rajkumar honored coordinating organization Minority Empowerment Network and its Executive Director Shreeya Tuladhar with State Proclamation.

The event then escalated to the opening ceremony multi-cultural ethnic dance from youth dancers of Basant Dance Center, the first Nepali dance studio of NYC, choreographed by Mr. Vijay Nakarmi. This was followed by ethnic drumming by ‘Gemi Takasera Society,’ in which the community members danced.

The second speaker of the event was Mr. Arthur Piccolo, the chairman of Bowling Green Park Association, who quoted “We have been doing flag raisings since 1996, and this was the absolute best turn out we have ever had. This is the most grand flag raising we have ever done.”

Mr. Dilip Chauhan, deputy mayor for Trade, Investment and Innovation in NYC Mayor’s Office of International Affairs, who has been in the forefront of organizing this event, praised the Nepali diaspora and stated, ‘Such a proud is about you.’ Mr. Chauhan was the initiator of the event, as he was the one who pitched the idea of Nepali Flag raising in the heart of Lower Manhattan to the Minority Power Empowerment team.

The other lineup of speakers of the event included Commissioner of the NYC Mayors Office of Immigrant Affairs, Mr. Manuel Castro, who expressed the desire to be more active in the Nepali community, and Commissioner of the NYC Mayors Office of International Affairs, Mr. Edward Mermelstein who congratulated the Nepali community in their inaugural flag raising ceremony.

Commissioner of NYC Mayor’s Office of Emergency Services, Mr. Zach Iscol, shared the story of his father and his late-mother getting married in Nepal and having a deep connection to the community. “My mom would have absolutely loved this event,” he said as the audience got emotional.

Elected state and city officials also participated in this event.

Assembly Members Jennifer Rajkumar and Steven Raga, as well as council member Julie Won, who are all very involved in Nepali community, gave their heartfelt speeches. Jennifer Rajkumar shouted out different states of Nepal and called the Minority Empowerment Team up for a state proclamation. She humbly asked the Nepali community to register to vote so that their voices are heard, and enthusiastically mentioned how she helped organize Diwali as a school holiday this year with the Mayor, and how she helped name streets of NYC in relation to the Nepali community.

Steven Raga, the first Filipino Assembly member of NY State, talked about how he hosted a Filipino event in a Nepali restaurant. He spoke about woodside and jackson heights areas having more Nepali businesses, and how he is eager to support them as a collective Asian ethnic group. Steven Raga also honored community members by providing citations.

Julie Won lifted the spirit of the audience by starting her speech with ‘Jai Nepal!’

Khagendra GC, superlawyer of the Nepali community, spoke about how 30 years ago when he was searching for a job, people in Wall St did not know what ‘Nepal’ was. He said he was proud to be standing in the same Wall St hoisting the Nepali flag.

Shyam Karki, president of Minority Empowerment Network, thanked all the esteemed guests, audience, and his team members for making this historic event come to life. The entire community applauded him for his hard work and efforts.

The Consul General of Nepal, Bishnu Gautam, gave the final speech of the event before Mayor Eric Adams arrived. He congratulated the entire community and expressed pride in being part of this grand moment.

The event concluded with Mayor raising the flags to national anthems, and renowned artists Mr. Prajwal Bajracharya and Mr. Rajendra Karn performing Nepali national songs live. The audience members chanted ‘Jai Nepal!’ as they rode the trains back to Queens.

Read news in Nepali version:

Exclusive: विश्वको राजधानी मानिने न्यू योर्क सहरका नेपाल र अमेरिकाको राष्ट्रगानको संगीतकोजोशिलो गुन्जाहटसंगै मेयर एरिक आडम्सले सेप्टेवर २० तारिख म्यानहटनस्थित बाउलिन ग्रिनपार्कमा  पहिलो पटक नेपालको झण्डा फहराएका छन्। सो ऐतिहासिक झण्डोत्तोलन समारोहमा मेयरआडम्सले नेपाली समुदायलाई सम्वोधन गर्दै उद्घोष गरे- “तपाईंहरू हाम्रो शहरको निर्माण र जगकोएक हिस्सा हुनुहुन्छ” (You’re part of the fabric and foundation of the city.) नेपालकोसंविधान दिवस र गणतन्त्र दिवसको अवसर पारेर उक्त झण्डोत्तोलन समारोह सम्पन्न भएको हो।

Historic Nepal Flag Raising

Its history making step, The City of Jersey City became the first city in the world to unfurl the Nepal Flag on atop of its City Hall Building on June 30, 2017. The 2nd historic Nepal Flag Raising Ceremony hosted in Jersey City on September 20, 2021. In both events, Mayor Fulop's Diversity and Inclusion Advisor Dr. Bishnu Maya Pariyar played pivotal role making its significant history in flag raising.



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