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Putin’s Greed: “How Much Land Does a Man Need?”

by Pradeep Pariyar Thapa

Exclusive: Such a paradoxical event unfolded in Russia when Russian President Vladimir Putin forcefully annexed parts of Ukraine’s sovereign territory after 136 years Russian author Leo Tolstoy who wrote his time-immemorial short story of “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” which inspired millions of people to step back and think of their greed is really worth for humanity as a whole. But President Putin proved it wrong that he didn’t learn moral from Tolstoy’s story.

Russia which prides of having Tolstoy as its true son but, also, unfortunately, produced world’s most dangerous and egoistic man in Putin. As a person, Putin is just a five feet seven inches tall man and Tolstoy story is fittingly narrated that a man needs only six feet of burial land to be buried when he dies even when acquiring a vast tract of land out of one’s greed or ego. Lesson to be learnt- we shouldn’t be basking on Putin’s false patriotic glory of invasion in Ukraine. No matter how hard he tries to portray himself as unifier or protector, he will go down to memory lane as a cruel dictator.

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Putin’s War Crime: Why Peace & Freedom are so costly?

by Pradeep Pariyar Thapa

Exclusive: Russian President Vladimir Putin is the most dangerous and cruel dictator our modern world ever has created. He has shown how low humanity can be in the name of protecting his country’s false interest while jeopardizing the liberty of a free country, Ukraine and killing of innocent hapless and helpless Ukrainians- children, mothers and grandparents. He is bombarding in hospitals, schools and civilian residential buildings. Shame on him for his utter cruelty. This is Putin’s not only an act of aggression but his barbaric crime against humanity. And, this is happening in front of the world’s mighty leaders of the United States. Why Peace & Freedom are so costly? Why we can’t stop this kind of war and end human suffering ? These are the questions I am asking myself while watching and reading Russian invasion in Ukraine which has been unfolding for last three weeks.

A Mother’s Failed Escape. Putin’s Crime Against Humanity

-Pradeep Pariyar Thapa

Tribute! This is a heartbreaking story of Ukrainian mother of two beautiful children who could never see another blissful day- this year’s International Women’s Day- Tatiana Perebeinis,43, her two children; son Nikita, 18, daughter Alise, 9, and two dogs were heading to reunite with Sergii Perebeinis, Tatiana’s husband and doting father but their precious lives cut short by Russia’s merciless dictator Putin’s army missile attack on last Sunday (March 5th) in Irpin, Ukraine. Putin’s crime against humanity is unforgiving and he must be punished for his heinous crime for thousands of innocent lives lost and illegitimate invasion of the free nation.



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